Hello! My name is Ben and I make things. If you asked most people to describe me in as few words as possible, you would probably end up with "tall", "beard", and "music". It's fascinating how simple vibrations in the air can not only move people physically, but also resonate with people emotionally and conjure up stories or images unique to each listener. Really, Abstraction originates from music being a gateway rather than a destination.

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Abstraction Discography

PixelMinuteGames Volume 2 Album Cover

PixelMinuteGames Volume 2

Elemental Album Cover

Spell Casting OST

Elemental Album Cover


PixelMinuteGames Volume 1 Album Cover

PixelMinuteGames Volume 1

UnEarth Initiaitive Album Cover

UnEarth Initiative OST

Covered in Cats Album Cover

Covered in Cats

Stadtgeist Album Cover

Stadtgeist Soundtrack

The Maker's Eden, Act 2 Album Cover

The Maker's Eden, Act 2 OST

DivCircle OST Album Cover

DivCircle OST

Three Red Hearts Album Cover

Three Red Hearts

Torn OST Album Cover

Torn Soundtrack

Just Drive Mixtape Soundtrack Album Cover

Just Drive Mixtape

Do This Justice Album Cover

Do This Justice

The Maker's Eden, Act 1 Album Cover

The Maker's Eden, Act 1 OST

Thirteen is My Favorite Prime Album Cover

Thirteen is My Favorite Prime

Dream State Album Cover

Dream State

Moments of Silence Album Cover

Moments of Silence

Nature's Echo Album Cover

Nature's Echo

Formative Album Cover

Formative (1998-2004)


For those who prefer live video, there is at least one music production stream a week on the Abstraction Twitch channel: The current broadcast schedule is listed there.

The official Abstraction YouTube channel can be found at and is more than just music! Here are a selection of playlists that are currently running on the channel.

YouTube Series


Hi there! Do you have a need for music and audio in a current or upcoming project? I would love to work with you and your team to create unique and personal sounds for any type of media. I've been making music for video games for several years and have been writing music independently for over 15. I absolutely love working with developers and turning the process of writing music into a true collaboration rather than being "just the music guy".

Beyond the knowledge of music, I went to college for graphic design and I currently am an application developer at a major bank. This varied background allows me to better understand how music integrates with not only the on-screen visuals, but behind the scenes code as well.

Whether it is a simple Chiptune loop or an orchestral score, I enjoy working on projects of any and all sizes. My rates are flexible and vary by project, it often depends on the complexity and amount of the music requested. The best way to get in touch would be to contact me through Twitter or email at and we can take it from there.

In addition to custom commission work, I run an active Patreon campaign at I release a new song every week that Patreon subscribers can use royalty free in whatever project they want.

Demo Reel


One of the best things about being a creator is being able to inspire or work alongside the creative work of others. My goal with this section is to clarify what is and is not OK when it comes to using music in your projects. If any of this isn't clear, please get in contact with me through Twitter or email with your specific situation and I will be more than happy to clarify.

You may use this music in any media

This includes streaming, YouTube, game development, podcasts, and film. But please, contact me through Twitter before you do. I simply want to know how and where the music is being used.

You must legally acquire the music to use it

When using a song or album, you must have acquired it through legal means. If you grabbed the music through Bandcamp, through many of the available digital outlets, or received it from my Patreon campaign, you're good to go. Many albums I offer for free and there are plenty of free downloads on SoundCloud as well, and these are perfectly acceptable to use. However, ripping the song from Soundcloud or YouTube is not accepable.

Attribution is required

If you are using a song, it is required to properly attribute it in your project's credits. When attributing music, list the song's title and credit me by name (Abstraction). Also, you must include a link to either the Bandcamp page ( or home page (

I understand that much of this will rely on the honor system since I cannot monitor the entire Internet, but please keep in mind that everyone works hard at their craft and a little recognition can help.

Does your project intend to make money?

If you are part of a small studio and your project intends on making any sort of income (sale, ad revenue, microtransactions, etc), please consider supporting my Patreon. I know that managing project income and finances staggered over many months can be difficult, but subscribing to the Patreon will help support me as well as give you plenty of new music to use guilt-free in future projects!

If you are a larger studio with a dedicated budget for this type of media, please get in contact with me through Twitter or email and we can discuss the scope of your project.

I understand the deliniation between small and large studio is a bit of a gray area, but every studio is unique and I want to give people the benefit of the doubt. If there is confusion, please get in touch and I would be happy to discuss details with you.

You cannot redistribute the music in its raw form

What I mean by this is you cannot just broadcast the music without adding your own content. Added content could be considered gameplay on Twitch, or a podcast, or in your video game or movie. You can't just upload the MP3 files to YouTube or stream the music with no additional content. You also cannot claim the music as your own, or sell the music in compilations or bundles.

Most music is OK, some albums are not

While I try to ensure that all my music is as free to use as possible, due to contractual obligations some music has exclusivity.

Music within the following albums can NOT be used in game development:

Music within in the following albums can NOT be used in short films and movies:

If you are unsure, contact me

I am an easy-going guy and would much rather help someone succeed than take an independent artist's grocery money. If you have questions about something, please get in touch I'd be happy to help. Easiest way to get in touch is through Twitter or email.


I am always happy to talk to new people. The best way to get in touch would be through Twitter since I am almost always connected to it. However, I understand that Twitter isn't everyone's style. If you prefer using traditional email, you can reach me at Looking forward to hearing from you!